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Class MultipartWrapper

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Wraps a file-like object, returning '' when Content-Length is reached.

The cgi module's logic for reading multipart MIME messages doesn't allow the parts to know when the Content-Length for the entire message has been reached, and doesn't allow for multipart-MIME messages that omit the trailing CRLF (Flash 8's FileReference.upload(url), for example, does this). The read_lines_to_outerboundary function gets stuck in a loop until the socket times out.

This rfile wrapper simply monitors the incoming stream. When a read is attempted past the Content-Length, it returns an empty string rather than timing out (of course, if the last read *overlaps* the C-L, you'll get the last bit of data up to C-L, and then the next read will return an empty string).

Instance Methods
__init__(self, rfile, clen)
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read(self, size=None) source code
readline(self, size=None) source code
readlines(self, sizehint=0) source code
close(self) source code
__iter__(self) source code
next(self) source code

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__init__(self, rfile, clen)

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