Package turbogears :: Package i18n :: Package pygettext :: Module msgfmt

Module msgfmt

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Generate binary message catalog from textual translation description.

This program converts a textual Uniforum-style message catalog (.po file) into
a binary GNU catalog (.mo file).  This is essentially the same function as the
GNU msgfmt program, however, it is a simpler implementation.

Usage: [OPTIONS] filename.po

    -o file
        Specify the output file to write to.  If omitted, output will go to a
        file named (based off the input file name).

        Print this message and exit.

        Display version information and exit.

Version: 1.1

usage(code, msg='') source code
add(msgid, msgstr, fuzzy)
Add a non-fuzzy translation to the dictionary.
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Return the generated output.
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make(filename, outfile)
Generate the binary message catalog.
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main() source code
  __package__ = 'turbogears.i18n.pygettext'