Package turbogears :: Package widgets :: Module forms :: Class CompoundFormField

Class CompoundFormField

source code

     object --+                
    base.Widget --+            
base.CompoundWidget --+        
     object --+       |        
              |       |        
    base.Widget --+   |        
                  |   |        
        InputWidget --+        
    CompoundInputWidget --+    
        FormFieldsContainer --+
         object --+           |
                  |           |
        base.Widget --+       |
                      |       |
            InputWidget --+   |
                          |   |
                  FormField --+
Known Subclasses:

Nested Classes

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Instance Methods

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Class Variables
  is_required = False
  params = ['disabled_fields', 'convert', 'field_class', 'css_cl...
  params_doc = {'convert': 'Should the value be coerced by the v...

Inherited from FormFieldsContainer: disabled_fields, fields, hidden_fields, member_widgets

Inherited from base.CompoundWidget: compound

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Inherited from FormFieldsContainer: file_upload

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Inherited from InputWidget: error, fq_name, is_validated, name_path, path

Inherited from base.Widget: is_named

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Class Variable Details


['disabled_fields', 'convert', 'field_class', 'css_classes']


{'convert': 'Should the value be coerced by the validator at display?'\
 'css_classes': 'List of extra CSS classes for the field',
 'field_class': 'CSS class for the field'}