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Class LocalizableJSLink

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 object --+                
base.Widget --+            
  base.Resource --+        
          base.Link --+    
            base.JSLink --+
Known Subclasses:

Provides a simple way to include language-specific data in your JS code.

Language file to use is determined from the user's locale or from the 'language' parameter. If there is no language file for the language (determined via 'supported_languages' parameter) than 'default_language' is used.

Nested Classes

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Instance Methods
update_params(self, d)
Update the template parameters.
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Class Variables
  default_language = 'en'
  supported_languages = ['en']
  params = ['default_language', 'language', 'supported_languages...
  params_doc = {'charset': 'The character encoding of the linked...
  language = <turbogears.widgets.meta.ParamDescriptor object at ...

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Method Details

update_params(self, d)

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Update the template parameters.

This method will have the last chance to update the variables sent to the template for the specific request. All parameters listed at class attribute 'params' will be available at the 'params' dict this method receives.

*Must* call super(MyWidget, self).update_params(params) cooperatively, unless, of course, your know what you're doing. Preferably this should be done before any actual work is done in the method.

Overrides: base.Widget.update_params
(inherited documentation)

Class Variable Details




{'charset': 'The character encoding of the linked script',
 'default_language': 'language code to use if specified language is no\
t supported',
 'defer': 'If true, browser may defer execution of the script',
 'language': 'language code to use (overrides user locale setting whic\
h is the default)',
 'order': 'JS and CSS are sorted in this \'order\' at render time',
 'supported_languages': 'list of supported language codes  (which mean\


<turbogears.widgets.meta.ParamDescriptor object at 0x1e2e310>