What’s New in TurboGears 1.1



  • Standard quickstart template with new design using Genshi templates.
  • New testing framework based on WebTest.
  • Quickstart can create a Elixir-based identity model fully compatible with the plain SQLAlchemy one.
  • I18n support for Genshi templates.
  • Full support for multiple database with SQLAlchemy.
  • Comes packaged with up-to-date MochiKit library.
  • Better integration of ToscaWidgets.
  • Quickstarted projects provide a data bootstrap command line tool.
  • Lots of improvements and bug-fixes to Widgets and validators.
  • Many, many other fixes and small improvements. For a full list, please see the TurboGears Changelog...


Kid templates and SQLObject are still fully support in TurboGears 1.1, but we suggest new comers to use the recommended Genshi and SQLAlchemy combination instead.