Hosting TurboGears ApplicationsΒΆ

TurboGears applications can’t be hosted with every web hosting company. Luckily, though, there are many good choices to choose from. The hosting companies on this page are selected to ensure:

  1. Ability to run TurboGears apps
  2. Good support
  3. Good value

Additionally, some of these companies support the TurboGears project through referral offers (when you sign up, they send some money). All things being equal, hosting companies that provide referral money are a big win for the project.

If you run into problems with one of these companies, please:

  1. Try to resolve the dispute with their customer service department
  2. Failing that, send a message to the main TurboGears mailing list with a subject like “hosting problem”.

Any company that is found to not run TurboGears apps well, not provide good support or not provide a good value will be removed from this list.

One guideline when it comes to shared hosting: you should make sure that your app is friendly to a shared hosting environment. Make sure your server.environment variable is set to “production”. Don’t hold too many things in RAM, and avoid running expensive database queries. With accounts starting around $7 per month, these companies can’t afford to have processes bogging down their servers, so tune things a bit on your computer before deploying your app.