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Kevin Dangoor
TurboGears project
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FastData is a TurboGears extension, designed to make fast proto-typing of administrative interfaces for your data easy by providing a CRUD interface to Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete instances of your SQLObject data model objects.

Fast Data has two main components:

  • FastDataGrid – a TurboGears widget for a grid-like display for your data items with action links for adding, changing and deleting items.
  • DataController – a controller class taking an SQLObject class and building the methods for the CRUD interface.


Documentation about using or including information on FastData can be found on the following wiki pages:


FastData is an extension package for TurboGears and therefore needs to be installed separately. Installable egg files are provided on FastData’s PyPI page, so to download and install FastData, run the following from the command line:

[sudo] easy_install TGFastData

If you are installing FastData into the system-wide location for Python packages (the default with the command above), you will need to obtain root priviledges by prefixing this command with sudo.


FastData is limited in that it only support SQLObject data models. Support for creating forms for working with SQLAlchemy model objects is provided by the dbsprockets package, which builds on the ToscaWidgets project. dbsprockets can be used with TurboGears 2 as well as with TurboGears 1.x but at the moment only supports SQLAlchemy and requires that you install ToscaWidgets as well.