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Installing TurboGears on a host behind a proxy

You probably reached this page, because you encountered a problem when trying to install TurboGears. When you run easy_install or, you get something like this

Searching for turbogears
error: Download error: (10060, 'Operation timed out')

This may mean, that you are behind a proxy and easy_install is not able to access the files it wants to download. But fear not, there is an environment variable which you can set, to tell easy_install about your proxy.


export http_proxy=""

or if you need proxy authentication:

export http_proxy=""


tested on XP


you can also use the “” in windows



Try again

After setting the proxy, run the easy_install command again (you may need to log out and in again or open a new command line window for the environment change to take effect):

easy_install -i TurboGears


If, by some chance, you can’t set the proxy or want to do an offline install, download all the eggs and run easy_install with the -f option pointing to the directory where you downloaded the packages. See also “How can I do offline installations?” in the FAQ.