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Installing TurboGears on FreeBSD


This document currently applies to FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE, though it will also work with older versions (5.x, 4.x).

NB: all installations must be performed as root, i.e.

$ su

Installing Turbogears using the FreeBSD ports

Turbogears is now available as a FreeBSD port, which provides a convenient alternative to the direct use of the Setuptools.

The port will install all the required dependencies (Python 2.4, SQLObject, Cheetah, CherryPy, Kid, json-py, ...), plus the modules required for MySQL/PostgreSQL connectivity (MySQLdb, psycopg, ...).

Install from ports:

$ cd /usr/ports/www/py-turbogears
$ make install clean

Installing Turbogears using the Setuptools

The standard TurboGears *nix install works so we’ll just explain installation of the prerequisites. First, you must have Python installed. Thankfully, FreeBSD 6 ships with Python 2.4.

Install from ports:

$ cd /usr/ports/lang/python
$ make install clean

Or using portupgrade:

portinstall python

Or the binary package install (easier, less time consuming):

$ pkg_add -r python

Database Connectivity


This will install SQLite 3 and the PySQLite python module.

From ports:

$ cd /usr/ports/databases/py-PySQLite2/
$ make install clean

Binary package install:

pkg_add -r py24-pysqlite2


This will install the MySQL client libraries and MySQLdb python module.

From ports:

$ cd /usr/ports/databases/py-MySQLdb/
$ make install clean

Package install:

pkg_add -r py24-MySQLdb