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SQLObject direct SQLΒΆ

Sometimes, you just need the power of real SQL. If you plan on using SQL, use sqlmeta to force SQLObject to use your table names and ID names. This will save you misery in case SQLObject does not use the name that you expect.

class DataTable(SQLObject):

    class sqlmeta:
        table = "data_table"
        idName = "primary_id"

    miscField = StringCol()
    dtCreated = DateTimeCol(

    def dict_record_count(self):
        sql = "select count(*) from data_table "
        result = self._connection.queryAll(sql)
        return result

Note how you pick up the connection from TurboGears.

An alternative to specifying the table name in sqlmeta is to read the table name given by SQLObject from sqlmeta. So the SQL assignment might be:

def dict_record_count(self):
    sql = "select count(*) from %s"  % self.sqlmeta.table
    return self._connection.queryAll(sql)

This can be handy if you’re adding these hand made SQL statements well after implementation.