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RemoteForm Widget Tutorial


RemoteForm and its companion widget, LinkRemoteFunction, provide an “ajaxian” method of presenting a form. RemoteForm’s purpose is to provide the HTML form functionality without forcing a page refresh.

Basic RemoteForm Usage

In this example, we’re going to demo a form using TextField, CheckBox, and a RadioButtonList. To start, in the controller, define a class that contains the fields you want to display:

from turbogears.widgets import TextField, CheckBox, RadioButtonList, RemoteForm
from turbogears.widgets.base import WidgetsList

class SearchFormFields(WidgetsList):
    name = TextField()
    age = TextField()
    check = CheckBox()
    radio = RadioButtonList(options=[
            (1, "Python"), (2, "Java"), (3, "Pascal"), (4, "Ruby")],

Then, expose a controller function to create the remote form upon request:

class Root(controllers.RootController):

    def index(self):
        item_searchform = RemoteForm(
        return dict(item_searchform=item_searchform)

The last controller function is a callback, which is used by the widget to retrieve the data inside it’s asynchronous request.:

def do_search(self, **kw):
    """Echo the parameters back as HTML."""
    return "<p>Recieved data:<br>%r</br></p>" % kw

Finally, in the template, call the widget’s display function. You can pass parameters to display() to customize the effects. The example below displays “Searching...” during the XMLHttpRequest, and “Done!” when it completes.

In your welcome.kid, replace the contents of the BODY section with the following:

<span py:replace="item_searchform.display(
    confirm='Are you sure you want to submit this request?')"/>
<p id="loading"/>
<div id="items"/>

And that’s it. Browsers hitting our demo page will be served up some nice RemoteForm goodness.


Most of the above was gleaned from the widget example in the toolbox. See the demo there for a live example.

Updating an AjaxGrid when a RemoteForm is submitted

It is possible to have a RemoteForm widget notify an AjaxGrid to update its data when the RemoteForm is submitted. This can easily be done using the following

<div id="form">
    <span py:replace="form.display(
        on_complete='javascript:%s_AjaxGrid.refresh({});' %"/>
<div id="grid">
    <span py:content="grid.display()"/>

The on_complete parameter calls the JavaScript that updates the AjaxGrid’s data. Using this method will trigger two requests to the server. One POST request to send the form’s data and a GET request to retrieve new data for the grid.

Download the example code

The example code on this page is attached and can be downloaded here: