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TurboGears 1.1 Documentation

TurboGears is a rapid development, “front-to-back”, open source web meta-framework. Its aim is to simplify and speed up the development of modern web applications written in the Python programming language.

TurboGears is designed around the model-view-controller architecture, much like Struts or Ruby on Rails, and takes the best Python web components available (hence “meta-framework”) and combines them into one easy-to-install, documented whole.

TurboGears 1.1 is the first major update in the TurboGears 1 branch. This is the official 1.1 documentation. Or are you looking for a different version?


The documentation for TurboGears is still being reorganized and updated. Fortunately, almost all documentation for TurboGears 1.0 is valid also for version 1.1. We kindly ask users to also look into the 1.0 documentation until we finish our updates. If you want to lend us a hand, follow the community links below! We apologize for any inconvenience!


If you find errors or deficiencies in the code or in the documentation, please create a ticket using the bug tracker of the TurboGears 1 project on SourceForge. If it’s an error in the documentation, please set the Component field to ‘documentation’. We also have a mailing list where you can ask questions or make suggestions concerning the code or the documentation.