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API documentationΒΆ

You can find the epydoc-generated TurboGears API reference here.

This is for the latest version in the TurboGears 1.5 branch.

If you want to build the API reference for the HEAD of the 1.5 SVN branch, do the following:

  1. Export the full branch sources from SVN:

    svn export turbogears
  2. See the file turbogears/doc/README.txt and follow the instructions given there. For the impatient, here’s a quick summary:

    1. Make sure that you have epydoc >= 3.0 installed.

    2. Run the following commands from a terminal:

      $ cd turbogears
      $ ./doc/

    If you are on Windows, you have to look at the docs/ Bash script and figure out the commands you have to run yourself.