Deploy with a Source Code CheckoutΒΆ


This is not part of the Standard Deployment Pattern, but is a commonly used alternative because of it uses familiar tools for most developers.

Assuming you are otherwise using the Standard Deployment Pattern, the only change involved in using a Source Code Checkout for your project instead of building an egg is that you will check out the code (as the www-data user) and install it using the develop option to

$ cd /usr/local/turbogears
$ sudo -u www-data svn checkout file:///var/svn/myapp/production myapp
$ cd myapp
$ sudo -u www-data bash
$ mkdir python-eggs
$ source /usr/local/pythonenv/myapp/bin/activate
$ python develop
$ exit

by default modwsgi_deploy will have specified that production.ini is in the root directory of this checkout. See Check In Your Config for details on why you might not want that file to be checked into your main repository.

Similarly, you will need to make sure that your Beaker session and cache directories are not sub-directories of the source code checkout if you are planning on deleting and re-checking-out the source for each release. (See Check File-Storage Locations for details).