NGINX Web Server

Nginx is a very fast asynchronous web server. This means that it handles all IO using non-blocking sockets rather than threads or processes, which allows it to scale to extremely large numbers of connected clients (on the order of 10,000 simultaneous clients).

Nginx support for WSGI applications (and TurboGears in particular) is still very much experimental, but the following patterns may work:

  • can provide reverse-proxy/load-balancing for multiple Paste web-servers
  • TurboGears should be compatible with uWSGI, which should be compatible with Nginx, (this is a reverse-proxy setup as well)
  • has FastCGI support which, with some effort likely can be used to host TurboGears 2.1


Need to test and document these options better if we’re going to keep them in the official documentation.