TG2 Extensions

TG2 has some extensions which offer built-in functionality you can add to your application. This is somewhat different from installing a WSGI application in your stack because the extensions are intended to be more tightly integrated with the components that make up a TurboGears application.


The TurboGears Admin System is a great way to get started with your database. Once your model is defined, this extension provides a set of pages to help you create, view, delete, and edit your database objects.


Difficulty: Easy. Make this extension more prominent, more likely to be found



Turbogears2 Crud Extension gives you a framework to develop a RESTful controller method for your model class. tgext.crud provides the building blocks for utilities like tgext.admin and Catwalk.


TurboGears2 provides a set of extensions to help utilize your Geo Spatial Data.



Provides a “full featured” paster command base-class from which you can create paster commands that support command-line parsing, PID creation and exclusion and similar requirements for setting up reliable cron tasks.