The Moksha Project is an Open Source (AGPL) Python web framework that aims to simplify the creation of highly-interactive realtime web applications.

Moksha provides a plugin system for easily integrating existing apps, widgets, technologies, and APIs. It offers a realtime messaging layer for the web, which lets you build rich dashboards of live interactive widgets, while also making it easy to produce and react to messages and events.

Moksha is currently in the alpha stages, and is still under heavy development. If you are interested in Moksha you should consider joining the project and collaborating with the developers.


  • Powered by Open Source and Open Standards
  • Comprehensive WSGI Middleware Stack
  • Application and Widget Plugin Architecture
  • Low-latency Browser Socket
  • Live Widget API
  • Dashboard Creation API
  • External Resource Connectors
  • Dynamic extension points
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Messaging Hub that can integrate with an AMQP broker
  • Message Producer/Consumer API
  • Based on TurboGears2

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