Using FirePython With TurboGears2

Status:Work in progress

FirePython is a sexy Python logger console integrated into Firebug.

Installing Stuff

If you haven’t installed TG2, you’ll need to do that first (see TurboGears 2.1 Standard Installation). Once you’ve got an up-to-date version of TG2, you’ll need to install FirePython and some dependancies, which you can do by:

easy_install firepython
easy_install python-cjson
easy_install jsonpickle

After that’s done, you can create a new TG2 project in the normal way:

paster quickstart firepythontest
cd firepythontest
paster serve development.ini --reload

Your project should now be started, and you should be able to browse to it at

Adding FirePython Support

Now, you’re ready to add FirePython Middleware to your app:

Edit firepythontest/config/


from firepython.middleware import FirePythonWSGI

Insert After line “app = make_base_app(global_conf, full_stack=True, **app_conf)”:

app = FirePythonWSGI(app)

This will wrap your Turbogears App with FirePython, and any/all Log messages will become available in Firebug.