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Downloading and installing a TurboGears beta version

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Installing From Subversion

Installing older versions of TurboGears

Sometimes the latest and greatest just won’t do. You need an old, perhaps rusty, but stable and well tested version of TurboGears.

Installing a different version

If you run easy_install without arguments, it will get you the lastest version (which is probably what you don’t want), so you will have to specify the version via:

easy_install PackageName==1.2.3

Remember that you need to specify a download URL for TurboGears installations or easy_install will look for packages directly through the Cheeseshop, where some of the required packages can not be found.

For example if we are at 1.0.9 and you want to go back to, on a Unix system you will have to run the following:

sudo easy_install -i \
    --script-dir /usr/local/bin TurboGears==

Just add the correct ==<version> to the end of the “normal command”.

Installing directly from the SVN repository

What if there are no eggs for my version? Then you will have to either upgrade your code or install an SVN tagged version of TurboGears with the following command:

easy_install -f \

Replace the version number at the end of the second URL with the TurboGears version you want.

This method requires that you have easy_install (from setuptools) and Subversion installed.

Running from a Subversion working copy

Alternatively, you can run from the Subversion working copy directly:

  1. Locate the revision number from

  2. Do a Subversion checkout or update to that revision number.

  3. Change into the working copy directory and run:

    python develop

How to uninstall a SVN working copy

Go to your <prefix>/lib/site-package directory and look for a file called Turbogears.egg-link. If you open it you will see taht it contains the path of your svn working copy. Whatever is there, is what Python will think as your “current TurboGears install”.

  1. delete Turbogears.egg-link from the site-packages directory.
  2. you’re done! :)

Moving between SVN revisions

Just update your Subversion working copy, setuptools will follow you.