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Installing From SubversionΒΆ

Installation instructions to install TurboGears from Subversion.

  1. Make sure python.exe and Scripts/ directory from the Python installation are on your system PATH.
  2. Install latest setuptools:
  1. Checkout TurboGears source:
  • svn co svn:// turbogears
  1. Go to turbogears/thirdparty folder and install components found there:
  • easy_install cherrypy
  • easy_install kid
  • easy_install paste
  • easy_install sqlobject
  1. Return to turbogears folder and run develop. This should install TurboGears itself along with fetch and install all extra dependencies for Turbogears, like RuleDispatch.

Note for Windows:

If you do not have a C compiler you won’t be able to install cElementTree from source. Instead do

easy_install -f cElementTree

to download and install pre-packaged version from Turbogears’ site.