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Uninstalling TurboGears


So you want to uninstall TurboGears. This could be because:

  1. You found a bug or “feature” and you must go back to an earlier version (or something broke on a live server after upgrading).
  2. You install a SVN checkout and want to get back to a release version or vice-versa.
  3. You just got tired of us, which I hope never happens; if so rant on the mailing list, we’ll fix/add/remove your problem if reasonable of course. :)

First of all let me say there is no easy_install command for uninstall, at least not yet...

Therefore, when you want to build a test environment for TurboGears, we recommend using virtualenv”. See the page NonRoot for a short intro on how to set up a virtual environment.

5 Minute Tutorial on site-packages

  1. Go to your <prefix>/lib/site-package directory.

  2. Everything installed by setuptools, is listed either in easy-install.pth, setuptools.pth or a .egg (directory or file) the rest (if any) is either plain distutils or stuff you put there manually.

  3. You will find either a folder or a file that ends in .egg, they are both packages, the only diference is that some packages are “zip safe” and others aren’t, which just means you can run them from a compressed file or you need to uncompress (to a folder). So from now on an egg is whichever applies.

  4. Another thing to note is that old versions of all packages are not deleted, so if you have been using turbogears/setuptools for a while you will see many versions of the same package. it is safe to delete old versions, but don’t delete the ones shown in easy-install.pth, which we’ll cover in a sec.

  5. Open the file easy-install.pth in your favorite text editor, and you will see something like this:

    import sys; sys.__plen = len(sys.path)
    <big line that ruins wiki formatting>
  6. This lists all packages installed by setuptools (NOT only TurboGears stuff).

If you remove a package from this file, Python won’t find it, even if the egg is still there: this is the actual list of packages installed not the content of the site-packages directory.

Uninstalling the Current TG version

The simplest scenario is when the only thing you installed with easy_install / setuptools is TurboGears. Then you just need to delete all .egg files and directories and clean the easy-install.pth to look something like this:

import sys; sys.__plen = len(sys.path)
<big line that ruins wiki formatting>

If not, run tg-admin info, and delete all the listed packages one-by-one from easy-install.pth. You can leave the eggs there if you later want to reinstall the same version.

Finally, you can delete the various scripts installed by the eggs from /usr/local/bin (Unix/Mac OS X) or C:\Python2x\Scripts (Windows). Here’s a list of scripts installed by TurboGears and its dependencies:

  • cheetah
  • cheetah-compile
  • kid
  • kidc
  • paster
  • sqlobject-admin
  • tg-admin