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Introduction To Widgets


This is list of built-in TurboGears Widgets. For more information about Widgets, please see the Widgets Overview page. Examples of these Widgets can viewed through the TurboGears ToolBox Widget Browser.

Form Field Widgets

  1. Button
  2. Calendar
  3. Calendar with time
  4. CheckBox
  5. File Field
  6. Hidden Field
  7. Image Button
  8. Label
  9. Multiple Select Field
  10. Password Field
  11. Reset Button
  12. Single Select Field
  13. Submit Button
  14. Text Area
  15. Text Field

Composite Form Field Widgets

  1. CheckBox List
  2. FieldSet
  3. RadioButton List
  4. Repeating FieldSet

Resource Widgets

  1. CSS Link

  2. CSS Source

  3. JS Link

  4. JS Source

  5. Localizable JS Link

    Provides a simple way to include language-specific data in your JavaScript code.

JavaScript-enhanced Widgets

  1. AJAX Remote Form

    A TableForm that submits the data asynchronously and loads the resulting HTML into a DOM object

  2. Ajax Grid

    AJAX updateable datagrid based on widget.js grid.

  3. Ajax Remote Function

    Returns a link that executes a POST asynchronously and updates a DOM Object with the result of it.

  4. Auto Complete Field

    Performs Ajax-style auto-completion by requesting search results from the server as the user types.

  5. Auto Complete Text Field

    Text field with auto complete functionality.

  6. Jump Menu

    Choose a link from a select list and the page will be redirect to the URL of the selected link.

  7. Syntax Highlighter

    This widget includes the syntax highlighter JavaScript and CSS into your rendered page to syntax-highlight text areas named ‘code’.

  8. Tabber

    This widget includes the tabber JavaScript and CSS into your rendered page so you can create tabbed divs by assigning them the ‘tabber’ and ‘tabbertab’ classes.

Third-party Widgets

Check out third-party TurboGears Widgets in the CogBin.