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The Admi18n ToolΒΆ


Admi18n is the web based internationalization (i18n for short) tool, which is part of the TurboGears Toolbox.

To use it, open the Toolbox and click on the “admi18n” link on the bottom right.


Admi18n can help you to:

  • Collect translatable strings from your Python code and templates and generate a translation template file (.pot) from them.
  • Add translation files (.po) for the languages you want to support.
  • Import/export the .po and the .pot files.
  • Edit the translation files through a web interface, optionally with the help of the Google translation web service.
  • Compile the language files with your translations into message files (.mo), which can be used by the TurboGears i18n framework.

Please refer to the internationalization documentation for more information about the i18n framework.