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Gzip Compressing ContentΒΆ

You can setup TurboGears to compress all the data that it sends to the web browser using a CherryPy filter called GzipFilter.

If you are serving a lot of text based content, you will probably want this enabled to save bandwidth and to provide a much faster loading experience to the users. You can enable this by editing config/app.cfg file:


gzip_filter.on = True
gzip_filter.mime_types = ["application/x-javascript", "text/javascript", "text/html", "text/css", "text/plain"]

Note that if mime_types isn’t specified, the gzip filter defaults to ["text/html", "text/plain"].

In the above example, we only gzip javascript, css and html content. Images and other binary files are left out as they are usually pre-compressed by some compression method inherent to the file-type (JPEG, GIF, etc.).


In a development environment, turning gzip compression on might not be a good idea since it makes debugging a little harder (for example, if you like to sniff the HTTP flow).