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Zeroconf support in TurboGears

When a project is started in development mode, TurboGears automatically announces its IP address and port number to the network. This is done through Zeroconf (aka Apple Bonjour/Rendezvous), specifically the DNS Service Discovery (DNS-SD) protocol. To disable DNS-SD announcements (or enable it in production environments), use the tg.bonjour variable in the configuration file.


There is a bug in TurboGears 1.0.x versions that prevents you from disabling Zeroconf (if it is available) in development mode, even if you set tg.bonjour to a false value. You can, however, enable it in production mode by setting tg.bonjour to the name under which your application should appear in the service list.

Mac OS X

Service announcement works out of the box in Mac OS X (through the "/usr/bin/dns-sd" binary). To see the list of HTTP services published in your network, open Safari and enable “Bonjour bookmarks” in the “Bookmark preferences” tab.


Zeroconf support for Linux depends on Avahi, so make sure that you have Avahi and its Gnome applet installed, e.g. on Ubuntu (Dapper and above):

apt-get install avahi-daemon service-discovery-applet

After adding sd-applet to your Gnome Panel, make sure it has “Services - _http._tcp” and “Advanced - Browse services published on this machine” enabled in Preferences.


TurboGears support for Zeroconf isn’t available on Windows yet.