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TurboGears presentation material

On this pages we collect some external documentation and materials (presentations, PDF, ...) used to present TurboGears.

  • Title: What Is TurboGears (Hint: Python-Based Framework for Rapid Web Development)
  • Author(s): Matthew Russell
  • Date: 2005-08-11
  • Subject: 1. It’s Kind of Like Rails – But with Python, 2. Similarities with Rails, 3. A Quick Closer Look at the Stack, 4. An Interview with the Creator of TurboGears, 5. The TurboGears Are Spinning Fast
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  • Title: TurboGears from Start to Finish
  • Authors(s): Lukasz Szybalski
  • Date: 2009-04-06
  • Language: English
  • Subject: Tutorial covering many aspects of TurboGears
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