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Are you ready to gear up?

This is the verbose version of TurboGears quickstart guide

Getting started

Your journey into the land of easy web application creation has begun. Take the following steps to dive right in:

Design your model

Develop your model in the file.

You can edit dev.cfg to use a different backend.

Or just start with pre-configured SQLite database.

Run the command tg-admin sql create in your project directory to create the tables in the database.

Create your views

Create your views with html-like templates in the <project-package>/templates folder.

Static content (Javascript, CSS, images) should be located in the <project-package>/static folder.

Build your controllers

Edit <project-package>/ and build your website structure with the simplicity of Python objects.

And more...

There are many other cool things you can do with TurboGears. Please check out our documentation.

TurboGears, when running in development mode, will automatically reload itself when you modify your project, so all you need to do after saving your files is reloading the page in your browser.


Learn more about TurboGears and take part in its development: