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TurboGears Plugins

Starting with 0.9, TurboGears accepts plugins to extend parts of its functionality seamlessly.

How to make your project available on the Cheeseshop

Before you can upload your project to the Cheeseshop, you will need an account. You can create one on the PyPi registration page.

After you have created an account, you will need to tell setuptools your account information for uploading the file. This tutorial should be enough to get you going.

Now that you have your account configured, you need to register a page for your application. setuptools can do this for you automatically with the following command:

python register

Once you have everything configured, setuptools can upload your .egg automatically. Here is the command you need:

python bdist_egg upload

You can also register projects and upload your eggs manually. See the PyPi documentation for details on this. Any eggs you created should be available in the dist/ folder of your project.

Making your project available in the CogBin

The CogBin scans the CheeseShop for updated packages and looks for keywords it recognizes. To make your project available in the CogBin, simply add the appropriate keyword(s) to your file:

  • Applications:
  • Widgets: turbogears.widgets
  • Template Plugins: python.templating.engines
  • Identity Providers: turbogears.identity.provider
  • tg-admin Commands: turbogears.command

This goes in the keywords argument to setup() in your file. If you are using the file provided in a quickstarted project these options should already be listed, just uncomment the ones you need.