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Using Sphinx

After using the Trac and MoinMoin Wikis for a long time for the TurboGears documentation, we have now decided to using Sphinx instead. You may also want to use Sphinx for documentation your TurboGears applications.

Common issues

Here is a small issue we encountered when using TurboGears 1.0, Sphinx >= 0.5 and ToscaWidgets:

If you use the autodoc module, and document a module (or objects inside a module) that instantiate a tw.form InputWidget that has validator, Sphinx will fail with a “TypeError: ugettext() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘domain’”. This issue involves TG, Sphinx, tw.forms and FormEncode.

The workaround is pretty simple, just add the two following two lines into your Sphinx file:

import turbogears.validators
turbogears.validators.Validator.gettextargs = {}