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DreamWeaver Integration


DreamWeaver is a useful IDE but it doesn’t recognize Kid files as HTML and will not allow you to edit them.


DreamWeaver must be taught that the type .kid is HTML like. Alas, there is no UI to do this. Two files must be edited:

  1. Configuration\Extensions.txt
  2. Configuration\DocumentTypes\MMDocumentTypes.xml

The editing is basically, where you see a line or doctype for html with a list of extensions, you can add kid to the list. The DreamWeaver tech note says it best.

One important point to note is that on windows these files can live in several locations. They will be in the Configuration directory beneath the DreamWeaver install directory and they will Application Data directory.

For example:

  1. C:Program FilesMacromediaDreamweaver MX 2004Configuration
  2. C:Documents and Settings<username>Application DataMacromediaDreamweaver MX 2004Configuration

Once I edited the files in both locations and restarted DreamWeaver I could edit the files in the IDE and they were rendered as HTML reasonably well. The other thing I did was to make my DreamWeaver project lock down to the right level such that /static hrefs would point to my /static folder.

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