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TurboGears is very flexible with respect to how you can store data persistently. Currently TurboGears supports the two mayor ORMs available in Python, SQLObject (SO) and SQLAlchemy (SA). For a comparison between those two with respect to TurboGears, please see SQLObject Vs SQLAlchemy.

In a default quickstarted project, your ```` file will only have a few references to SQLObject, and the identity framework may put some classes in there, but all this can be manipulated for your needs; if you want, you can even do completely without what TG provides and write your data access layer.

Supported backends

is the default for TG 1.0 and every component should work on it, CatWalk, Identity, ModelDesigner,etc; For more information about using SQLObject with TurboGears see SQLObject page.
Will be the default in future versions of TurboGears and is currently suported by most components. The ones really lacking are development tools like Catwalk and ModelDesigner, and of course any third party component/app written on top of SO. For a quick introduction of using SA with 1.0 follow this link.